Sunday, June 05, 2011

Blender, what not to get...

We have the toaster, coffee maker, hand mixer and kettle (aka water boiler to Finns) of the OBH Nordica Chili range. These have served very well for a number of years (apart from the kettle whose switch broke after about 4yrs of not that much use - please bear in mind I'm a Brit and in my opinion kettles should last for a few years of several-times-a-day kind of use). So, we decided we needed a blender to make drinks and sauces and other such things. Since we had the other pieces in the OBH Nordica Chili range we naturally got their blender. Twice actually.

The first overheated massively even when pulsing, so that any ice you wanted to crush for drinks, melted. Not quite the desired effect. If I had wanted to drink warm water, I would have got it from the tap. We thought there was something wrong, took it back and got a replacement. The new one still overheated, but we decided we could try and live with it (mostly cos we were too lazy to take it back). Decided one day to make Mojitos. No melted water, not even crushed ice, because when it was initially turned on, the damn thing ended up by grinding up the rubber gear mechanism, so the motor would turn but the blade couldn't because there were no notches left. Needless to say we took it back and got a refund. Any recommendations for a reasonably priced replacement gladly received.

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Natethemate said...

I left a post two days ago stating I had the same problem. I contacted OBH Nordica service center through this form on their website:
and without even the receipt they have sent me a new blade and motor connector piece. Very kind of them, and I still cannot find the receipt. Must be a common problem with this machine, works well when it works though!

Cheers Nate

Eclipse said...

That is pretty kind f them & thanks for taking the time to comment. After the second one failed on us I didn't fel like trying again. That said we still haven't got round to finding an alternative!